• About Xamarin

    Everything you need to deliver great mobile apps.
    Deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using existing skills, teams, and code.


    Individually, Xamarin's mobile lifecycle products are best-in-class.
    Together, they're the most powerful solution for delivering amazing apps.


    Build native apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase. Use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere.

    • Native UI, native API access, and native performance
    • Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift, or Java you can do in C# with Xamarin
    • Ship cutting-edge apps with same-day support for new OS releases


    Find bugs before you ship with automated tests running on the devices users own—over 2,000 real devices in our cloud.

    • Tests behave as users do–performing taps, pinches, swipes, and more
    • Integrates with CI for continuous automated testing, testing apps on every change
    • Ensures apps look and feel excellent with full-frame screenshots and video playback


    Distribute beta versions, collect live crash reports, get feedback from real users and analyze test coverage.

    • Get meaningful crash reports with the most reliable crash reporting on the market
    • See how your app is used and what your testers have already covered
    • Communicate with your users and get feedback, support requests, and bug reports from within your app
  • Apps look and feel

    Native User Interfaces

    Xamarin apps are built with standard, native user interface controls. Apps not only look the way the end user expects, they behave that way too.

    Native API Access

    Xamarin apps have access to the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying platform and device, including platform-specific capabilities like iBeacons and Android Fragments.

    Native Performance

    Xamarin apps leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration, and are compiled for native performance. This can’t be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime.

  • See why Xamarin is best for


    The best way to build native iOS apps.

    Ship native app bundles on the App Store.

    Our Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiler compiles Xamarin.iOS apps directly to native ARM assembly code, meaning your app is a native platform binary.

    Access any iOS API.


    We bring 100% of Apple’s iOS SDK to C#, enhancing Objective-C APIs with stronger types and .NET naming conventions so you feel right at home.

    Call existing Objective-C code from C#.


    Use your existing Objective-C code, frameworks, and custom controls in your Xamarin app using our automatic binding generator.

    Build WatchKit apps.


    Use Visual Studio for Mac or Visual Studio to build new Watch Apps, edit Watch user interfaces in the iOS Designer, and debug Watch apps in the iOS Simulator.

    Stay up-to-date with Apple.


    We released same-day support for iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, and iOS 8 so your apps can take advantage of the latest iOS features as soon as possible.


    The best way to build native Android apps.

    Ship native Android packages.

    Xamarin.Android uses just-in-time compilation for sophisticated runtime optimization of your app’s performance, meaning your app is a native Android APK.

    Access any Android API, including new form factors.


    We bring 100% of Google’s Android APIs to C#, enhancing Java APIs with async support and .NET naming conventions so you feel right at home.

    Call existing Java code from C#.


    Use your existing Java code, frameworks, and custom controls in your Xamarin app using our automatic binding generator.

    Build Android Wear apps.


    With access to 100% API support for Android Wear, create full-featured applications capable of running on Android Wear devices.

    Stay up-to-date with Android.


    Xamarin stays up-to-date with the most current APIs from Google, so you can always use the latest features in your apps.

  • Our Clients

    Beverage distributor

    Built an app where the restaurants ask for beverages to buy, and have an online catalog available with prices and details. Available in Android and iPhone.


    For a known university at Buenos Aires, built the Student app. They can investigate about subjects, times, days, academic history, account balance, status of requests, and so on. Geolocalization included. Available in Android, Windows and iPhone.